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This Spring Cleaning - Clean your chimney too!

This year we can make your spring cleaning complete - with a well swept chimney.   $19.00 Discount

After a winter of heavy use, your chimney is dirty - dirty way up inside where you can't see. And that's some dangerous dirt. Called soot and creosote, deposits from a fire's smoke, this tarry "dirt," if left unswept, can ignite, setting the entire length of your chimney ablaze - possibly burning down your home.
Here's your chance to get that dangerous soot and creosote out of your chimney- and save some money at the same time.
Just clip a coupon below, and mention it when you give us a call. We'll give you $19.00 discount of entire chimney cleaning ... and $20 off the cost of a chimney cap along with its installation. And remember, top hat and tails included. Call us today.

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Pre-season cleaning discount

$19.00  Off Busy Season Price
$20.00  Off Chimney Cap Cost

Expiration date - August 31

Excellent, clean service.
Get Your Flue Ready For The Next Fall Now