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Chimney Flashing Installation and Repair CT

"3G Chimney, LLC has been servicing Northwestern Connecticut, CT for over 25 years. Chimney Flashing can be made of stainless steel, copper or aluminum the longest enduring material. The point when our Certified Chimney Sweeps do a Chimney Inspection. Chimney Flashing is a development detail used to seal and ensure the joints between a building’s roof and fireplace from water entrance. Chimney flashing is a vital component on the roof of a house."

Chimneys flashing are highly exposed to the elements and, if left unprotected, are susceptible to structural deterioration. It is important to address this problem before serious damage occurs. More chimney damage is caused by the lack of a chimney cap than any other source. Rain causes premature deterioration to the chimney interior and can damage metal fireboxes and dampers. Chimney flashing needs to be replaced when it becomes rusty. 3G Chimney is the only source for CSIA Certified Sweeps in Northwestern Connecticut, CT.

Most inserts were not connected directly to the fireplace chimney and, in fact, many older insert installations allowed the exhaust gases to exit the flue collar and find their way up the chimney. Later, a short length of stainless steel liner was installed up into the chimney of the original fireplace. For over 25 years we have been delivering excellent service and quality work at fair prices across Connecticut, CT.