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"3G Chimney, LLC has been servicing Northwestern Connecticut, CT for over 25 year’s chimney cleaning, repair, service, preserving historical brick and stone."

If your chimney leaks then it needs replacing ASAP, since it allows water and moister to get into the house. Chimneys are usually overlooked by home owners and are source of leaks. Chimney repair service and chimney cleaning scams are on the rise. Since most people know nothing about chimneys, this is a particularly easy way for scammers to cheat unsuspecting homeowners.

A less restrictive top mount damper system easily removed for chimney cleaning, repair and service. 3G Chimney is the only source for CSIA Certified Sweeps in Northwestern Connecticut, CT.

Here's how chimney repair service and cleaning scams work: The scammer contacts you (via email, phone, etc.) and offers you a special on chimney cleaning for a ridiculously low price, such as $39.95. They often introduce themselves as “Your” chimney company forcing you to think that it is indeed the company you dealt with before. If you've just moved into a new home, they may say that the previous residents (and mention their names to add credibility) used their company.

For over 25 years we have been delivering excellent service and quality work at fair prices across Connecticut, CT.