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Chimney Sweeps Connecticut

3G Chimney, LLC has been servicing Northwestern Connecticut for over 25 years. Our excellent service and quality work generated over 17 000 satisfied customers whose appreciation is the best expressed by voting us The Best Chimney Service in Northwestern Corner for twelve straight years in local newspapers.

As a team of experts for chimney repair and maintenance, we use the latest, most sophisticated diagnostic equipment for efficient and accurate evaluation of the venting system and house environment. Color video camera for scanning and recording interior of the chimney and electronic, digital meters to evaluate air pressure, draft, and CO level are some of the tools we use to assure the safety of our customers. There is nothing more rewarding than satisfied customer for life. Having that in mind we always make sure that our service is professional in any aspect as well as neat and clean. We use the top of the art HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners to control the dust and clean drop cloths on every job, always leaving the worksite clean or even cleaner than found at the beginning.

Beside the maintenance we offer wide array of masonry services. Custom design and construction of fireplaces and chimneys, walkways, steps, patios, etc in rich varieties of brick and stone has been for years our domain. We specialize in historical renovation and reconstruction. Many of our chimneys complement the character of an old house they are built in by their matching appearance and modern design of the venting system that provides safe and proper operation. Our knowledge and experience in the field was used on many occasions. Our proudest project to date was renovation of the venting system at Mark Twain’s House in Hartford.

Finally, we at 3G pride ourselves on offering the area's most complete installation service, certified technical experts, a huge selection of quality stoves and fireplaces accessories and of course, competitive pricing. Our reputation has been built on technical knowledge, quality work and excellence in customer service. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.Just remember both Non-Catalytic wood stoves and Catalytic wood stoves will only achieve highest performance with correct operation and regular maintenance including annual professional chimney sweeps. For over 25 years we have been delivering excellent service and quality work at fair prices across Connecticut, CT. 3G is the only source for CSIA Certified Sweeps in Northwestern Connecticut, CT. Every one of our chimney sweeps is fully certified by the CSIA. Member of National Chimney Sweep Guild.

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