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Jan 18 2019

Maintenance if the main factors for a dry and clean chimney that will keep you warm in the cold winters.

But still some small problems arise due to aging of the chimney or lack of good inspection. And one of them is the chimney leaks.     

Chimney leaks are hard to point out as they can be caused from anywhere of the chimney.

Just pointing out leaks is not enough; a professional inspection is required to examine the exact point of the source and its repair.


What are the common places of chimney leaks?

  • Top of the chimney

  • Crown

  • Bricks

  • Flashing

What are the reasons for chimney leaks?

  • Using a cover cap to close the top of the chimney opening is quiet necessary. Open chimneys allows rain water, snow and many other animals to nest in the flue causing air blockage leading to carbon dioxide accumulation.

So a professional hand is needed for a perfect fit of the cap.

  • Cracks in the chimney crown allow rain water to enter the chimney causing leakage. Water freezes in the cracks making the cracks bigger so apply chimney saver crown coat which cover the masonry and prevent small cracks from becoming big.

  • Other problems are associated with bricks, mortar and chimney flashing. In fixing these problems its better to use polysiloxane water proofing agents for better recovery of the leakage.

Whatever your problem regarding the chimney leaks an expert and certified professional inspection will help you better, so that simple repairs make no big deal.

We 3G Chimney service providers are certified, with whom you can trust and call for chimney sweep inspection making your time more peaceful from these troubles.