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Sep 25 2019

Tips on Maintaining and Cleaning a Fireplace

Maintaining and cleaning a fireplace is an easy task. But first the chimney is supposed to be cleaned by a professional chimney cleaner in your area. The process starts with cloth cleaning first with the key areas of chimney. Then bricks need to be inspected, just make sure regular bricks can’t tolerate the higher temperatures. In chimney, everything above the damper is designed to maintain hot gasses but not actual combustion.

If you clean your own fireplace, the ashes can be sprinkled on flower beds. During cleaning, the damper should be re-checked for correct positioning to ensure fireplace safety. The outside of chimney should be checked too for obstructions. If you need Best fireplace cleaners in Torrington, CT you can choose 3G Chimney, we are specialize in chimney and fireplace cleaning.